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Gush - AirPure Interior Paint purifies the air of VOCs and formaldehyde, making your home, school or office a safer place to work and play.

Why you should care

Purifies your room

The paint on your walls are made by natural materials and have no toxic emissions. Other than that, they are also able to absorb pungent smells, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde. This neutralizes surrounding airborne pollutants for a safer place to work and play.

Cost savings

Your coated walls help regulate the humidity in your room, meaning you can say goodbye to moulding and enjoy an overall cooler environment. This translates to cost savings that you can use for the other things you love.

Improves your mental health

Looking to replicate the feeling of freshness and positivity from a walk in the park? With the sustained release of negative ions, you’ll enjoy a heightened sense of focus and concentration.

A better sense of safety

With an excellent burning tolerance, the paint does not emit smoke when on fire, giving your place better protection should a crisis strike.

Improves your physical health

Your coated walls are able to destroy up to 99.9% of E.Coli, S. Aureus and other infection-causing bacteria. With the paint’s anti-bacterial properties, rest assured that those you care about are in a safer environment.

Faster painting process

We understand your time is precious. This is why we specially selected materials so that your paints dry 30-50% faster than the market average.

Fresh air for everyone


A company that changes lives.

My son has sinus problems and wakes up every morning with a congested and runny nose. After Gush painted our place, I witnessed a change in my son's sinus. I'm also saving a lot on tissues!Mrs. Sally, Mother of Two (Tampines, Singapore)

I've tried other odorless paints before and even though they say odorless, still got some uncomfortable smell when painting. I'm quite sensitive to chemicals, so far only Gush paints are ok on my nose! Jermaine (Clementi, Singapore)

Usually my client will complain when we lacquer the parquet flooring because the smell will stay around for 2 weeks. With Gush, the smell was gone in a few days. Alex Chan, Interior Designer (Eunos, Singapore)

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